Real-time Oracle DBA SQL query Set packed in as a Survival Kit to Help DB Administrators at Entry Level Support

Terms Of Service

1)        The scripts/sql commands/queries/guides/shell scripts available in this kit are only the View of ours in approaching / troubleshooting / Maintaining the Oracle database. This view may differ from company to company depending upon the environment they use. DBA discretion advised.

2)         This Kit is focused to help Entry Level DB Administrators.

3)         This Script Base Cannot Confirm a solution or fix. This is Intended to Just Easy The Query Base.

4)         The Script Base Could Help An Entry Level DB Admin To Get An Insight.

5)         Users Can always Edit these Scripts according to their need & demand. These Script Base is focused to attend most common Cases.

6)         It is Advised to Test The Script Base Before Using them in Sensitive & Critical DB Systems.

7)         On Purchasing an Activation License, It is Considered that This Site & Admin will not own or become responsible for Issues & Any Unforeseen Damages (or) Loss Of Service That May happen At your client system. It's on the sole acceptance of the buyers of this product to own the responsibility in such cases of issues (or) discrepancy.

8)         Digital rights of this EBook is reserved.

9)         The Use Of the Scripts May Vary from Tool to Tool & Version to Version.

10)       We Confirm & Affirm, The Final Level Of Escalation For An Unresolved Issue Is Oracle Corporation / Oracle Support.