Real-time Oracle DBA SQL queries packed as an Survival Kit. Oracle Database Administrators are welcome for knowledge sharing and discussions.

Terms & Conditions: ( Must READ Before using this E-Book Kit)

1)         The scripts/sql commands/queries/guides/shell scripts available in this KIT are only the View of Maari Consulting in approaching / troubleshooting / Maintaining the Oracle database. This view may differ from company to company depending upon the environment they use. Thus the views and approach may differ between DBAs and discretion advised.

2)         The SQL Scripts/Commands/Installation/Upgrade guides available in this KIT are Aimed towards providing ORACLE DBA Beginners and Intermediate DBAs (Level1/Level2 Support) to give a Quick Reference towards Analyzing and Resolving the day to day DBA issues they face in their Job.

3)         The Scripts are not intended to Solve the associated issue. But these scripts are intended to provide an insight towards Oracle Database Administration from a Single Place. We strongly recommend DBAs to get the help of Oracle Support for solving Critical issues as they are the Final Point of Contact for Oracle Database related Critical issues.

4)         We Maari Consulting will not assure any kind of resolution for the specified topics. Itís the sole responsibility of the buyer to analyze and resolve the issue.

5)         These Scripts are written with many years of Experience as a DBA in the field. Itís the responsibility of the buyer to use them appropriately. The buyers can always Edit these Scripts according to their needs. These Scripts are created mainly aiming at providing required information in most common Cases.

6)         The buyers are requested to Thoroughly DOUBLECHECK AND TEST These Scripts in Test environments before executing it in their Production Databases. Running these scripts inappropriately without properly understanding what it does may even lead to severe Damage to your Production Environment. Users are Strongly requested to verify and test these scripts before using them in Critical production systems and databases.

7)         Maari Consulting will not own OR become responsible for any kind of issues/damage that happens because of using the scripts inappropriately in your client systems. Its on the sole acceptance of the buyers of this product to OWN the responsibility incase of issues and discrepancy.

8)         This E-Book should not be Misused or Copied without necessary rights. Digital rights of this E-Book is reserved.

9)         Please always copy the commands from this E-BOOK to a notepad and edit accordingly  and adjust line spacing and then use the commands. Verify/Double check before using any commands.

10)       On buying this E-Book, the buyer accepts that he purchases this e-book considering all the points mentioned above and We Maari Consulting thus cannot be subject to any kind of legal actions because of any sort of un satisfaction or issues that may happen because of using this E-Book by any means.