Real-time Oracle DBA SQL query Set packed in as a Survival Kit to Help DB Administrators at Entry Level Support


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Quotes Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the prompt response. Yes its working now after disabling firewall. And going through the contents of your E-Book seems like almost all the things needed for a DBA is well documented. Thanks again. -Vishnu Quotes
ORACLE DBA (Sathyam)

Quotes I would like to say something about your dba Kit; Honestly, I thought before reading your kit that I am proud of what I know about oracle but now I am proud of your very important knowledge of Oracle, Sir I really count on your help and expertise. Quotes
Telecoms Billing System DBA Administrator (Mauritania- Africa)

Quotes Hi Rajesh - This is a fantastic tool. Placed a nice recommendation on your website. I will also recommend this to my colleagues. For $30 US dollars it can?t be beat. Stellar. Absolutely stellar. I am a well seasoned OCP with over 20 years of Oracle experience. LOVE THIS!!!!! Although I have a huge amount of scripts (from homegrown to the internet), they are in separate docs and subdirectories on my laptop. This ebook has great scripts, well organized, and all in one place for easy cutting/pasting into sqlplus. I keep it open but minimized as a top screen dashboard. This is a fantastic tool and I highly recommend it. Quotes
Kathy Wright
Regional Head Oracle DBA (20 Years Experience)

Quotes I am happy to give this Highly Positive Feedback about this E-Book. I am a senior DBA having above 7 years of experience. Initially i was afraid to buy the book bcz i thought it may not be useful for me. But then as the cost 60$ is affordable for any DBA, i brought the E-Book just to check what is available. I am really really satisfied with this book. This is a Must have book for both Junior and Senior Oracle DBAs. Its reduces my search time on resolving the issues to a great extent. Every command is available immediately in this book. I really appreciate Mr Rajeshkumar for his efforts. I am really telling to everyone who still have doubts to buy this book that this book is worth $200 or above. Thanks to Maari Consulting for giving it at a very cheap cost!. Fantastic work and tell me as soon as the L3 kit is also available and i want to be the first buyer of that book also bcz i trust the contents and hardwork in this book. Really appreciated. Quotes
Senior Oracle DBA - Chennai India

Quotes I am writing to you because I feel that anyone who doubts about buying your e-book should know. I have been looking for this type of material for years until I stumbled upon it through LinkedIn. I am so happy with the material in the e-book. Every code that I have tried worked perfectly. It has cut my research time in half just by using the information supplied. This book is a must have for all the new and intermediate DBAs. I highly recommended to all DBAs. My experience with the purchasing transaction was superb. I had small pricing issue at the checkout portion, related to PayPal, but Rajeshkumar worked with me until my purchase went through, even with the 9 hours difference in time zones. His professionalism is admirable and customer service was phenomenal. He even offered to help me with an unrelated computer issue. This kind of customer support is very rare in modern times. I could only wish that all my buying experience were this great! Quotes
Oracle DBA - United States ( Elaborate Feedback)

Quotes Thank you again for your wonderful book. I have not got a chance to go through all the entire book contents due to many other obligations. From what I have seen so far, your book is going to be tremendous assets to my dba job. I will write you a great feedback in 1-2 weeks. Thank you for your professionalism in helping me with my purchase. Quotes
Oracle DBA - United States (Feedback)

Quotes I am a beginner DBA. I was searching hard in the internet about various real-time Oracle Topics. Finally i found your Book. Its good to have most of the DBA Stuff in single place in single file. Your Book really helped me a lot. Appreciated. Thanks. Quotes
Oracle Novice - United Kingdom

Quotes I am a L2 Support DBA. Your E-Book covers most of the things in need by L2 DBA. Well done. I will suggest this E-Book to my friends. All the Best to you Quotes
Oracle DBA L2 Support - India

Quotes Your E-Book is really worth buying. The availability of scripts, commands, SQL really makes my DBA Job easier. This product is a real Excel factor for Oracle DBA. I appreciate your efforts. All the best. Quotes
DBA - India