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To Those Who Seek A Career In DB Administration At Entry Level, Purpose This EBook Kit At Your Own Interest.
Begin Being, Solely Independent. Good Luck & Cheers.

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  • At Your Begin, You May Not Be Cared
  • Unless You,  Beg For Help 
  • Selfish Senior, At The Industry, May Never Help
  • You May Be, Lone At Your Begin
  • To Depend, Again & Again, Is A Shame
  • It May Lower, Your Own Self Esteem
  • Thou You Search, The Search You Do, May Never Conclude, Toward The Help
  • To The Wisdom, Depend Your Own
  • To The Conclude, Depend Your Own
  • To The Define, Depend Your Own
  • Remember Again
  • Your Define, Is At Your Own
  • Your Destine, Is Your Own
  • Purpose & Reason, Toward Your Begin And Be To Become, [[[ SOLELY INDEPENDENT ]]]


Oracle DBA Survival Kit


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  • Your Own Script Base Ready to Use.
  • Please Find The Contents Of The Kit Below. 
  • Check The "Sample Queries" Page. 
  • This E-Book Covers Most of the Operational Tasks to Support Oracle Database Administrators At Entry Level.
  • The Content Covers 113 Essential Topics & Queries with Screenshots & Commands.
  • Queries Are Well Aligned and Easy to Refer and Ready for Use with Oracle Sql Developer, Sqlplus and Other Similar Tools.

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Oracle DBA Survival Guide E-Book Kit Version - 1 (CONTENT) 


  1. Home - Maari Consulting Oracle DBA Survival Kit Ver1
  2. Contents - Page wise

Database/Instance Information

  1. Getting Complete Database Information
  2. Identifying Database size
  3. Instance Up-time
  4. Finding Oracle server bit (32 or 64 bit)
  5. Identifying NLS Parameters
  6. Finding Instance id-Host name-Instance name in RAC


All types of Tablespace Maintenance and issues

  1. Normal Tablespace Maintenance Scripts Complete
  2. Undo Tablespace Scripts
  3. Temp Tablespace Scripts
  4. Resolving Segments in Tablespace approaching Max Extents
  5. Resolving Segments unable to extend in Tablespace
  6. Tablespace Growth (When files are added)
  7. Single query to resolve Small Problematic Segments
  8. Resolving Max extents reached for LOB segment
  9. Rollback segment Management & shrinking


Analyzing Oracle Sessions Complete

  1. Session Details shell script
  2. Setting the NLS DATE FORMAT TO Display accurate DATE with Mins hours and seconds
  3. ASH scripts CPU util
  4. Active and Inactive Sessions sqls
  5. sid.sql Script to pull out complete Session Details
  6. Session information Ad Hoc Queries
  7. Session Info from PID
  8. Session Info from SID
  9. Session details Concurrent Req Complete
  10. Checking what is the Last SQL of a Session
  11. Long Running Sessions Monitoring
  12. Identifying Active transaction thru SID
  13. Checking for active transactions of a session using SID
  14. Checking rollback & Undo segment info used for a session using SID
  15. Checking Timing Details of SID and event waiting for
  16. Identifying Sever Machine and Client Machine names of a session
  17. Obtaining Session details Query
  18. Date & Time of database users & file


Various Locking/Blocking issues

  1. Different Lock Modes with explanation
  2. Identifying Blocking sessions Complete
  3. Troubleshooting Library Cache Lock Pin Loadlock wait events
  4. Locked Objects Complete
  5. Killing a Session


Various Wait events Analysis

  1. Identifying the Wait event of a session thru SID
  2. Wait events Analysis Complete
  3. Sessions Ordered by Wait Events
  4. Buffer Busy Wait Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  5. DB File Scattered read Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  6. Latch Free Sessions Monitoring


Cloning Database and Oracle Homes Complete

  1. 14 Steps for CLONING USING RMAN Recovery with any storage Manager backups
  2. Cloning Using RMAN Incomplete Recovery for Disk Backups and Using automated shell script
  3. How to CLONE ORACLE HOME (Both RAC and Non RAC)
  4. Cloning Oracle Home Manually


Restore/Recovery Using RMAN Various Scenarios

  2. Recovering a Non-system datafile which is Missing and not available in the RMAN Backup
  3. Recovering Loss of all Control Files situation
  4. Recovering Loss of System Datafile
  5. Recovering Loss of Undo Datafile
  6. Restoring a Corrupted Non System datafile using RMAN Backups
  7. Restoring a Corrupted Non System Tablespace using RMAN Without shutting down the database


Managing RMAN Backups

  1. Oracle 10g New RMAN backup and recovery V$VIEWS
  2. Deleting backed up Old Archive Logs using RMAN
  3. RMAN Backups monitoring sqls
  4. RMAN Backups overall progress Status
  5. Managing RMAN Disk Backups
  6. Using DBV utility



  1. Zipping and Exporting a table using GZIP option on the fly with mknod
  2. Realtime EXPDP & IMPDP DATA PUMP Export Import Commands.htm


Various Versions Installations/Upgrades and Creating DB using DBCA (With Screen shots)

  1. Oracle 11g R2 Installation and DB creation using DBCA
  2. Oracle 11106 DB installation 11107 Upgrade and DB Creation using DBCA
  3. 10201 Installation 10204 Upgrade & DB creation using DBCA


Oracle 11i Apps CRs and other commands helpful

  1. Oracle 11i Apps Concurrent requests Complete
  2. Analyzing Oracle apps 11i f60webmx FORMS spinning process
  3. GatherSchemaStatitics_complete


Oracle background trace/log/dump files maintenance standalone script

  1. Oracle background trace & log files maintenance Standalone Script


OS Commands Very useful for DBAs and Files Management

  1. Finding OS Version and Bit
  2. Kilobytes-Megabytes-Gigabytes Convention
  3. To Check whether Sendmail is Enabled in a Unix Box
  4. OS Process count
  5. Unix commands Filesystem & codetree Management Complete
  6. Unix OS Diagnostic commands for DBAs
  7. Analyzing DiskIO Queries
  8. Unix Command to identify High DISK IO
  9. Finding client process if not listed in v$process
  10. Identifying CPU count in a Unix box
  11. Identifying RAM Size in a Unix Box
  12. AIX TOP Command Alternatives
  13. SCP Command Examples
  14. TAR Command Examples


ASM Important Commands for Monitoring

  1. ASM Most useful commands


Dataguard Important Commands for Monitoring

  1. Data-guard Standby database & MRP immediate queries


Troubleshooting Performance issues

  1. In environments using Outlines, Creating a New Stored outline to fix plan instability.
  2. Finding Optimizer Statistics details & re-gathering Statistics
  3. Bind Peeking Hidden Parameter
  4. Generating Run time execution plan


Tracing and TKPROF

  1. Tracing a Session OR Process using ORADEBUG SQLTRACE & DBMS_MONITOR
  2. TKPROF with explain plan


  1. Dba_Jobs Process Scripts


Database Objects

  1. Getting the Source code of a package using DBMS_METADATA_GETDDL Package
  2. Identifying Object details from dba_objects
  3. Identifying Oracle Schema size
  4. OBJECTS modified with LAST DDL time on a specific date
  5. Finding LOB Segment size


Invalid Objects

  1. Invalid objects Scripts


Parallel Processing Sessions Analysis

  1. Parallel Query Process Scripts


Table Fragmentation Analysis and Resolution

  1. Query to Identify table fragmentation Complete
  2. Table Defrag and Index rebuild using MOVE Command Examples


Archive Log Generation Rate and Block Changes Monitoring

  1. Redo Archive logs generation per Hour & Day basis_complete
  2. High redo & block changes


SQL Commands related to SGA Memory

  1. How to find out pga and uga usage
  2. Sessions Consuming High PGA Memory
  3. SGA Memory advisory queries
  4. Who is using session UGA memory


Index Information

  1. Index information dba_ind_col
  2. To check indexed columns


DB Links

  1. Verifying details about DB-LINKS in DB


V$views and 10g New features for beginners

  1. Important 10g New Features TITLES ONLY
  2. v$views and descriptions
Please read Prerequisites and Terms of Service notice before buying this product. 

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